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The risks and alternatives to regular oral care

Do you also already for years brush your teeth with generous frothy, sweet-tasting toothpaste in various fresh colors? Rest assured, you’re not alone. But, you just might become part of a minority!

Because we are blogging about health in a broad sense, oral care cannot be missed. After all, what you swallow can have consequences for the rest of your health. Nowadays we are well aware of the ingredients in our food and their effects on our weight, stress level and health in the long term. You have a varied diet, eat sweets in moderation and do not smoke, for example.

You can extend that consciousness to other areas that affect your health: oral care is one of them. At some critical tracing on the Internet you will soon find information that will make you look very differently at your daily brushing ritual. We gladly can help you on your way!

5 risks of regular dental care

Our position on regular toothpaste and fluorides may be clear, we advise you to choose something else. All toothpastes that you can buy in the supermarket contain fluorides and other substances that are undesirable in our view. There is now done enough research that proves that fluoride is a toxic substance with side effects that can seriously harm your health. For more information, please visit here.

Sodium or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).
This is a synthetic foam and cleaning agent and is often used in the Netherlands in toothpaste, and sometimes in other personal care products as shampoo. But it is also present in detergents, for example for degreasing a garage floor. So, it is quite a violent agent. But because it foams so nicely, the user of regular toothpaste gets the mistaken impression that it also cleans well, like detergent. However, foam does not say anything about the cleansing qualities.

Also from these, there is a huge variety. There are rows of these present in supermarkets and drugstores. Are they useful? That is also doubted by dentists, because they are to complement and not substitute your dental care. However, some of these mouthwashes contain violent substances such as hydrogen peroxide. Thus leave them alone and look for a natural alternative.

Mercury fillings (amalgam)
Not so long ago, this kind of filling was the most normal thing in the world to fill a hole in a tooth with. Cheap, durable and stable. However, amalgam contains mercury, a heavy metal that is toxic. If, you have such an amalgam filling than that means that a continuous dose of mercury is leaking away into your mouth. Currently it is recommended to have this kind of fillings removed and replaced with a milder alternative and make sure first get you get well informed about this. For more information, please take a look here.

The type of anesthesia that you will receive for a certain treatment can also have adverse effects on your health. If you are looking for alternatives you will probably go to a so-called biological practice, which performs regular treatments and also has a more holistic approach to complaint and treatment. Articaine is such a type of anesthesia that is commonly used by dentists and oral surgeons but there are reports on its negative side effects. Fortunately, there are less toxic alternatives that leave fewer traces in your body and have little or no side effects.

5 Alternatives to regular oral care

Fortunately and thanks to the internet, you yourself can find alternatives that fit your needs. On all kinds of health forums and blogs, you can find recipes and tips from users. We mention five options:

Make your own toothpaste
It requires some creativity and an open mind but with simple ingredients you will get surprising results. Coconut oil, aloe vera, curcuma, baking soda, a drop of essential peppermint or tea tree oil: you can use pure ingredients with a cleansing, antibacterial and purifying effect so to speak, right out of your kitchen cabinet and move it to the bathroom.

Buy vegetable toothpaste
As mentioned, in the supermarkets there is only oral hygiene for sale that does not live up to your health, so you better look online or in a health food store for a vegetable toothpaste without chemical additives. It does require some knowledge of ingredients, because also natural brands can contain sweeteners for example, substances that you do not want.

Ionic brushing
Of course, also brushing without toothpaste is possible: both your saliva and slightly charged ions, have a cleansing effect on acid particles in plaque and tartar and they make these bacteria harmless. Gums will stop to bleed and holes are reduced by the cleaning effect of the safe free electrons from the light-conducting rod. The toothbrush looks exactly like the one that you’re used to and your family can participate because the brush itself is interchangeable.

Biological dentistry
As also already previously mentioned: you can find a holistic or biological dental practice and make a conscious switch. What is different? All regular treatments are performed as you know them and in addition there is (more) attention to your overall health, where the mouth is a part of. Approach causes integrated, rather than combating symptoms will prove to be a noticeable difference. One can work with homeopathy or other alternative methods may be used. There is a trade association and you can find plenty of information on the Internet.

Flossing with an oral irrigator
We do definitely not discourage flossing with wire or interdental brush, because even the hard to reach areas of your teeth deserve attention and cleaning. But flossing with wire (often also containing substances, just like toothpicks) is sometimes a painful chore if your gums are already sensitive and an interdental brush may not reach all necessary places. An oral irrigator is another form of flossing and may proof a supplement for you. Using a jet of water (which can be set in different positions) you go through the mouth and rinse it clean.

Which range do we have and why?

Innovative tooth brushing and modern oral care that is what we select our products on! We closely monitor new developments for you, to keep our product range up to date and distinctive. Everyone knows that your teeth and mouth need daily care. With us, that is possible in a sustainable and safe way.

We already talked about ionic brushing with the bristles of the Soladey brand, but recently there is also the Oobrush from DentalRevolution. Two counter-rotating brushes allow you to be done faster because the inside and the outside of your teeth are cleaned simultaneously. Now, exclusively available with us in an electric version, with charger or batteries.