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The importance of clean air in your living environment

How important is clean air?

Whether we like it or not, nowadays we spent a large part of the day indoors. We work inside, invite our friends and family inside, and play inside with our children. We must consciously seek daylight and fresh air to benefit from it. Unless the nature of your work makes you work outside, for example as a forester, farmer or bricklayer.

This blog is about healthy air. At home, that is. The outside air and the factors that affect it we will undoubtedly discuss another time. Precisely because we are so much inside, it is important to keep the air in the house fresh and healthy, as well for our nose as for the respiratory tract.

Oddly enough, the improved quality of insulation of our homes unfortunately has a negative impact on the air quality. Why is that exactly? Allergic reactions, colds and headaches are indeed caused or exacerbated indoors. Asthma, hay fever, dust mite and dust allergy can be the result. Good air purification is important.

For a healthy and pleasant indoor climate different things play a role, such as temperature, sufficient natural light and good air quality. Of course, proper ventilation is important for the air quality, in which also plants can help. Some kinds of plants even have specific air-purifying properties and thus are a beautiful natural help in the house. They help not only to improve air quality, but also provide better acoustics, atmosphere and make your house a real home. But that aside.

How does an air purifier work?

There are many air purifiers on the market. You put them in the room where you want to purify the air. Usually it is some kind of (portable) cabinet of less than a meter high, which does its job at an acceptable noise level. An air purifier that has adequate capacity can be found for any size area. Depending on the technique that is used, the range is more local or more distributed.

Regular air cleaners only filter air which enters the air stream. That is the local range that I talked about earlier. There are also air purifiers that address an entire room or even add something to the air: the plasma cluster air purifier.

This type cleans all the air in the room. Thus, the range is much greater, because it also reaches the difficult places such as behind the couch and under the furniture. The operation thus becomes very effective. With plasma cluster air purifiers also ions are distributed throughout the entire space to do their air purifying work. And at the same time the ions moisten the air in that space, and keep the humidity level automatically at the rate that is best for humans. The ideal humidity level lies between 55% and 65%. The air purifier does this through a water reservoir in the machine. With this you have a triple effect.

This multiple action makes the purification of the air even more effective, because the water particles adhere to the plasma cluster ions. Along with the water they are drawn deep into the fabrics: for example, odors from curtains, bedding and carpeting are thus thoroughly removed.

What is the effect of plasma clustering?

Particles of cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, and for example perspiration thereby disintegrate into harmless substances normally already present in the (clean) air. Also, bacteria, fungi, viruses and dust mites are addressed by the ions and eliminated. The dead dust mite, for example, is still simply inhaled, but may cause more no allergic reaction after exposure to the plasma cluster ions. A big relief for people with sensitive respiratory tract, and certain allergies!

Simultaneously, air-purifying plasma cluster ions are surrounded by water particles that are released through the water tank. The static electricity in a space is also drastically reduced. This provides again for a healthy, refreshing balance of ions, such as this also occurs in nature. There is also less dust and fewer allergens for instance on garments. Because the water particles (along with the plasma cluster ions) also penetrate into fabric, the plasma cluster ions can perform their cleaning performance now deep into these fabrics. And imperceptibly there are huge amounts of dust in an average home: just think of carpets, curtains, settees from fabric, duvets, pillows and clothing.

10 Arguments why you should purchase a plasma cluster air purifier

  • Suffer less from asthma
  • Relief from hay fever
  • Less affected by dust mites
  • Purifies the whole space
  • Range is large
  • Less affected by dust allergy
  • Moistens the air as well, in addition to cleaning it
  • Reduces the static electricity in your home
  • Less dust formation
  • Improves living environment
  • Easily adjustable and movable
  • Very acceptable noise level

Which range do we have and why?

Improve your quality of life yourself in different ways. I already talked about plants that bring and oxygen and atmosphere into your home. That atmosphere is less easy accomplished by an air purifier- it is after all a machine and these are created on functionality rather than their decorative content. Meditech Europe has several air purifiers in its range. And now that we have experienced the difference between regular cleaners and the plasma cluster version, we have only the latter added to our catalog. We do not like half measures.