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The 10 arguments to purify water

How pure is our tap water

Not only the amount of water that you drink daily is important, but also its quality and properties determine how vital you feel. A polluted environment, poor diet, fatigue, stress, lack of exercise, smoking and the consumption of alcohol and soft drinks all contribute to the creating of imbalance of the human body. All these factors lead to the accumulation of toxins in our body and the general acidification of it.

Luckily, you can do something about that. In this blog we will discuss the different water filtration systems available on the market. Of course it’s your choice which one best suits your needs and budget. We like to see that you yourself go researching and do not immediately believe what you are told. Also, not by us.

The difference between distilling and ionizing

Did you know that your body acidifies by living in a polluted environment, poor diet, fatigue, stress, lack of exercise, smoking and consumption of alcohol and soft drinks? To counteract that acidification, alkaline (basic) water is the perfect counterpart that cleanses and reinforces your body. You can do this easily at home or at work with a water ionizer which provides your body with powerful antioxidants through smart technology.

A distiller gets all the waste out from the water, that after distilling is clean. The difference with an ionizer is that the water is not enriched. For both applies; know what you’re doing.

10 Reasons to purify water

  • Your drinking water will be free from viruses, bacteria, hormones, drug residues and heavy metals, among others.
  • It optimizes overall health, for young and old people.
  • A better absorption of nutrients, excipients, etc.
  • A better drainage of body wastes and toxins.
  • It supports the function of muscles and joints.
  • It improves concentration and endurance.
  • It cleanses your skin, even when problems arise.
  • It stimulates the blood circulation.
  • It is also good for your (pet) animals and plants and to use for the cooking of food.
  • It is a sustainable investment: a water purification system saves energy and takes up little space. In addition, the system itself is made of an environmentally friendly plastic which lasts for at least 10 years and then can be recycled.

How can you purify water?

There are various ways to filter the tap water. Depending on the chosen system and manufacturer you place it in the refrigerator, on the counter or in a separate room if the tank has a large size. Some are portable and you can take them along on your holiday, as long as somewhere there is an electrical socket available. There are also versions that connect directly to the main water pipe. You yourself choose the method that best suits your needs and budget.

Filtering: the water is filtered in a jug with a filter. As a disadvantage owe see that after filtering this water may still contain bacteria and it does not remove any contaminants such as lead and arsenic. Moreover, it is not clear when to replace the filter.

Reverse osmosis (OO): water is filtered under high pressure through a membrane, but as far as we are concerned this type of system contains too many variables, to be able to produce a consistently high quality water. The system can also clog after some time.

Distillation: purifies the tap water from waste materials by means of steam distillation. In combination with an active carbon filter it removes all impurities from the water. Residue may remain in the boiler, it must therefore be kept clean. If necessary, add minerals example by adding a few grains of pure sea salt.

Ionizing: the result is water that is enriched and improved by means of ionization, through influencing it by electrical means. The acidic water is separated in the ionizer of the alkaline (basic) water, and changes both the structure and the pH-value of the water. Again; build up quietly and with moderation.

What do we supply and why?

As mentioned at the beginning: not only the amount of water that you drink daily is important, also the quality and properties of the water determine how vital you feel. In our view, your best choice is a distiller, ionizer or Ozone generator, given the good results and smart technology. Depending on how often, where and with how many persons you would use it, you choose the size and type. The human body in its entirety, from brains to organs and your skin, cannot do without water that is something that we all know. Are you conscious about healthy nutrition, stress reduction and mindfulness, then it is certainly interesting to consider purifying your tap water. Given the many applications, from cooking water to detergent for medical instruments, is a versatile addition to your home or your workplace.

Your health is our priority and that is why we especially offer you the choice. Whether you make choice for distilled water or ionized water with antibacterial silver particles: with us you will find a good and reliable range of devices. Certainly it is a sustainable investment that you will benefit from and will enjoy for years to come. Also, the accessories such as loose filters are available with us.

Regularly the question arises. Well, but that water is no longer alive (energetic and vital) when you process it. You’ve got a point there. High in the mountains the water tastes changed somewhat different as here from the tap. The water is already burdened by substances that do not belong in it and it undergoes several processes of treatment. Through long pipes (plastic) where all kinds of power cables run along that tax the water again with their EM field. Then it comes out of the tap. In fact, you have to use your own energy to cope with this water. The world upside down!

Energizing of water or revitalizing through swirling, crystals in the water, Energydisc, Polarizer plate, etc. increase the energy in the water.