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Reliable information on health

These are challenging times and an information overload presents itself to us in many ways. Consciously and many also unconsciously. The mainstream media are largely manipulated and the information that matters now is coming from other sources. Products and methods that work are repressed by various authorities and / or they try to ban them regardless whether your wellbeing is compromised. As a result, people will search “underground” for solutions. Our mission is to develop and to collect nice products and to give you the best possible information. We are very committed to the social feeling and the information often does not stop at the product. As a company we have always had a pioneering role. We are aware of that. Starting as a local operating company, thanks to you, we have become a company that is allowed to deliver its products worldwide. All sorts of visitors from many countries come to visit us to get information that matters and further propagate this information. It are often special meetings which again produce invitations and exchanges, and that show that our work resonates everywhere, vibrates and is constantly in motion.

We get a lot of questions on where to go and if there are other possibilities. On the Internet is a lot to be found, but also here there are fake messages. A few websites where you can gather information are:

thetruthaboutcancer.com                   one of the best sites on the cancer industry, insights and solutions by experts.

www.multiwaveoscillator.nl              Deep relaxation through music.

www.wanttoknow.nl/                        information about controversial topics and well-being etc.

http://www.earth-matters.nl/             Many general health information etc.

bovendien.com/                                 Often deeper information about controversial topics.

www.stopumts.nl/                              About the effects of radiation from Wi-Fi etc etc.

genezendvermogen.nl/                       Henk Frantzen is a physician and approaches things differently.

praktijk-vandervegt.nl/nl/Over-ons/   Doctor who approaches things differently.

www.mercola.com/                            Dr. Mercola is a physician and has a worldwide visited site.

drleonardcoldwell.com/                     Is a physician and renowned author with great insights.

www.naturalnews.com                      Frequently visited informative site.

www.wijwordenwakker.org/content.asp?m=P736 About chemtrails and daily weather manipulation.

www.hypnosehaarlemmermeer.nl     Hypnosis Center from Brenda Vader.