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Learn to play with energy with the Meditech Polarizer

What is a Polarizer?

Take a Polarizer in your home if you are looking for more peace and balance. This namely neutralizes harmful and unwanted radiation of electromagnetic devices in our environment. Radiation is always and everywhere. We are submerged by it. Around us, in us and in the environment by emitting devices. For us it is not important whether all these frequencies cause damage, but how much. And how do you protect yourself against it? Electro-smog or electro-stress is a phenomenon with serious complaints. People have no idea of this, but also not get informed about this. Start exploring yourself and experimenting with possible solutions is vital, and we recommend that highly.

Why would you buy a Polarizer?

If you consider that your own thoughts are already an energy field to which your biological system and muscles react immediately, it is not surprising that people suffer from cell towers, cell phones or the microwave in the kitchen. The effects of a powerful Polarizer usually bring more peace and balance, but it is not as simple that with the purchase of a Polarizer all complaints are resolved. You should continue to test yourself what you charge and how to exclude it.

In our hectic society, we are constantly exposed to radiation and frequencies of various devices around us, which we use every day. Think of your mobile phone, the Wi-Fi router, DECT phones, microwave, game consoles, tablets, the smart energy meter. In your environment you also cannot escape from electromagnetic radiation: transmission masts, public Wi-Fi networks, the power supply, power tools, television, fluorescent lights, TV and radio stations and devices powered by AC motors.

How does a Polarizer work?

An unlimited wide range of wavelengths is absorbed by a Polarizer and inverted. The result is usually more peace and balance. A Polarizer protects and optimizes biological systems and all forms of life. It neutralizes the harmful and undesirable radiation of microwaves and telephones, among other things.

Every medium such as liquids (especially water, read here more about water), food, plants and of course also humans and animals have a field and broadcast information.

The Polarizer Plate reacts to that by induction, inverts and emits a broad spectrum of vibrations (frequencies) from which, for example, the taste of water becomes softer, revived and energetic.

Other liquids can undergo large differences in taste by the appended, non-natural (read: toxic), flavoring and coloring ingredients and even beer of non-natural origin can start to taste as water.

For some people it is not easy to grasp that a simple system can be so effective. Therefore, we offer, if the product is in pristine condition, money back guarantee within one month after the purchase.

An example: the Polarizer Plate

The Polarizer Plate is meant to introduce you in an accessible way to how you can play with energy, work and also how to change it. The Polarizer Plate is a flat circular plate with toned rings: toned oscillating antenna rings also known as open coils, as those that will be known in the music world. These rings can receive in real time and transmit again. The Polarizer Plate reacts already at subtle energy change, through which induction arises. This field can establish a powerful change and above all has a polarizing and highly energetic effect.

The Polarizer is always active. Purely technical: he continuously inverts information and transmits it again polarized into the area. Tip: this effect can be enhanced by, for example, putting a crystal on it. You can use both sides of the Polarizer Plate.

What results does a Polarizer give?

The effect can be clearly tasted and can often be felt good. No magic at all. Clear physics, and laws of electronics. When you hold your hand on or around the Polarizer Plate then a strong field arises and you can use it to energize, or to let relax. Your hand will get warm and you may feel a tingling sensation in your fingers. More peace and a relaxed feeling is usually the result.

10 ways to play with energy through Polarizers

As stated, the applications are infinite and we encourage that you are going to investigate on your own. We have various kinds of Polarizers, each with its own application. To help you on your way here are already 10 general options:

  • You can put a Polarizer in a bag and carry it along with you or treat a part of your body with it or help another person.
  • Put a Polarizer on your left hand with the rings up and hold your right hand slightly above the Polarizer Plate. Just feel what happens.
  • Hold the Polarizer on the back or belly of your child and just experience that many times there is peace, even in yourself. Especially children and animals respond intuitively.
  • Do not be surprised that when you place the Polarizer in the dog basket, the dog does not allow you to take this out again. The animal feels that it is good and feels comfortable with it.
  • Putting it under your plate with food or dessert is also a nice test. Food and beverages subtly change flavor and will be better tolerated by the stomach. Remarkable: the more ‘chemical’ the dessert or food, the more noticeable the difference will be.
  • Just place your Polarizer on your solar plexus and experience the change. By placing it on your solar plexus, you can unwind. Follow your feelings and experiment as much as you want.
  • Give your plants water that has stood for half an hour on the Polarizer Plate or put the plant that could use some energy there for some time. Also, think of cut flowers.
  • Do you or your child have a restless sleep, then put the Polarizer under the pillow or under the mattress.
  • Put a crystal on the Polarizer Plate and feel if the energy in the room changes.
  • Treatment of injuries or pain spots will go smoothly and will recover faster.

Which Polarizers do we have in our webshop?

Our Polarizers have been developed and produced in-house, after being inspired by scientists from the past. For each need, we have a Polarizer. The Personal Polarizer for example, you wear on your skin and the Life Field Polarizer you just plug into the socket. Please take a close look in our webshop. The Polarizer Plate is a good start because of its very competitive price!


Hessel Hoornveld,

Founder of Meditech Europe Ltd.


Also, check www.stopumts.nl/ and www.verminder-electrosmog.nl