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Daylight Lamps, the power of natural light

The power of natural light

Natural daylight is essential to life on earth. Light regulates the biological processes in an organism and it has a positive effect on people, animals and plants: health and psyche are improved. Lack of natural daylight (vitamin D) by incorrect or inadequate light sources can cause very unpleasant side effects such as stress, impaired concentration, fatigue, headaches and even a depression.

In this blog we are talking about full-spectrum daylight lamps. Sunlight is in fact essential: it is both nutrient and medicine, and anyone can make free use of it. You yourself no longer have full control on how much sunlight you get each day. The weather is daily manipulated.

Andreas Moritz, author of the book “Healthy with sunlight” shows how to keep the immune system of your body in peak condition, among other by using the sun. It is known that skin cancer occurs the ‘least’ in people who are often outdoors, living at high altitudes or near the equator. Research has shown that skin cancer occurs ‘most’ in people who rarely sit in the sun or who use this kind of sunscreens in which there are cancer-causing chemicals.

Scientific research and experiences of users show that the full-spectrum daylight lamps with True Light, like natural daylight, are healthy for humans, animals and plants. After, in the sixties, astronauts from NASA and the crews of submarines started experiencing health problems that were due to lack of natural light, the positive effect on human and animal of full-spectrum daylight lamps is scientifically recognized.

11 Applications of daylight lamps

We endorse the strength of natural light and its many unconscious effects on a person’s mood. Personally, I get restless, as the winter progresses. My biological system tells me to consciously search for the sunlight. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the snow and the mountains, where the light is bright. That’s really a time to recharge my energy and mood. As a reborn person I get back in the Netherlands. I’m more resilient, feeling more comfortable and approach the daily challenges of modern life with positivism and inner strength.

Daylight lamps are applicable to any industry and have a positive effect on everyone who is exposed to them. To give you an idea we will now give eleven very different applications:

  • Hobby room of an individual
  • Holding rooms: from tropical terrarium to cowshed
  • Spaces where color rendering should be clear: printing business, studio, photography studio, clothing store, goldsmith
  • Areas where concentration level must be high: laboratories, lecture hall, factory hall
  • Working spaces of companies that operate in two or more shift rotations
  • Spaces with plants and animals such as zoos and greenhouses
  • Workplaces: from the classic office garden to flex the trendy flex-place with espresso bar
  • Treatment rooms of therapists and masseurs, coaches and doctors
  • For anyone who not can go out on his own: nursing homes, hospices, hospitals
  • For anyone who suffers from the dark winter months
  • Wet and damp areas: swimming pool, restaurant kitchen, sauna, bathroom

How does a daylight lamp work?

In fact it works exactly like a regular lamp. You can install daylight lamps, build it up. You can get tubes and compact lamps and also for wet and humid areas there are waterproof versions. So, on the outside they are perhaps not as distinctive, but the built-in technique is special:

  • Off-grounded and shielded against electromagnetic and radio radiation.
  • High-quality materials
  • Natural daylight with only a little UVB for the synthesis of vitamin D etc.
  • High frequency, and thus, a stable light with 30 to 35% energy saving compared with conventional systems. Production Mountainlight.

Ordinary daylight lamps lack essential parts of the spectral bandwidth and thus also the positive effects of natural light: stimulation of production of vitamin D, a healthy working and living atmosphere and a perfect color rendering.

10 Benefits of daylight lamps

Natural daylight is essential for the proper functioning of humans and animals, but unfortunately many times we not get it sufficiently. Lack of windows, for example in offices or stables, is a cause of that. Natural daylight is not something that is easy to copy. When you realize that our eyes cost us as much as 80% of our energy during our daily activities, then you will immediately understand that, for example, the effects of aging are reversed by daylight lamps. In short we now mention ten advantages of a daylight lamp:

  • Enjoyable as natural daylight
  • Energy efficient
  • Sustainable
  • Less absenteeism
  • Perfect color rendering
  • Better view
  • Better mood
  • Less tired
  • Increased concentration
  • Off-grounded against electromagnetic radiation.

For optimal performance and functioning of humans and animals, given the positive effects of natural light: stimulation of vitamin D production, perfect color rendering and a healthy working and living environment.

What kind of daylight lamps we sell and why

We like to challenge ourselves to provide you with a wonderful and innovative product. Also, with lighting, we have set the bar high. High quality lighting of the highest level that equals natural daylight, we are not satisfied with less! Nature cannot be corrected, because it is perfect as it is, but we can try to reflect its perfection to the fullest possible extent. And that is exactly what True Light does.

The series True Light full-spectrum daylight lamps that has been developed in close cooperation with our partner Mountainlight, guarantee smart technology, high-quality materials and an unprecedented effect. At our office, toilet, canteen, and in the showroom we daily experience the effects. Yes, sometime also we do not feel like it, but after a day of work we are never tired or cranky. For us that is the evidence for the fact that full-spectrum daylight lamps really work. Will you also make the switch?